Kite Power Solutions Featured on the BBC’s The One Show

9th February 2016

On Monday night the One Show ran a piece on Kite Power Solutions (KPS) and their high altitude kite power technology. The segment covered the visit of Lucy Siegle along with the Tigress Productions film crew, to an airfield in Bradwell, Essex to find out more on how high altitude kites can be used as a source of energy generation.

Lucy spoke with Bill Hamilton, Founder and Chief Executive, about the kite power system and what he hopes it can achieve. To get the prospective from academia Andrew Smith, a researcher at UCL Energy Institute, was interviewed and gave a positive view on the technology’s potential.

The video can by following the link below, the segment can be found from 17:40 to 22:20. The video will expire on the 3rd March.

Notes to Editors

About Kite Power Solutions –
• KPS was founded in 2011. It is the only UK kite technology in the market. The KPS team includes engineers who design super-yacht hydraulic systems and gyroscopes, and neural network experts who “teach” the lightweight system to fly. To date, KPS has received financial support from the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change and the private sector.
• KPS has been testing prototypes of its system in the UK since 2012.
• For an explanatory video about KPS’s technology, visit
• Other applications could be the deployment of the kite technology in suitable onshore locations (for example, the farmlands of North America or island communities) as well as in the developing world/emergency situations, as the equipment can be easily transported and installed.
• There are other kite technologies being developed around the world. For example in the US, Google-owned Makani Power uses a fixed wind design.

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