New Year Honour for MCT’s Chief Executive

4th January 2012

Marine Current Turbines
New Year Honour for MCT’s Chief Executive

Dr Andrew Tyler, the Chief Executive Officer of tidal energy company Marine Current Turbines, has been awarded a CBE in the 2012 New Year’s Honours List, for his services to Britain’s defence as Chief Operating Officer of MOD’s Defence Equipment & Support organisation. Dr Tyler held this role at the MOD before his appointment as CEO at Marine Current Turbines, which is based in Bristol, in June 2011.

Commenting upon the award, Dr Tyler said: ”I’m very honoured to have received a CBE for my work at the Ministry of Defence. I joined the MOD in 2008 at a time when our Armed Forces were fully engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as maintaining its commitments in other parts of the world. It was a hugely interesting and rewarding time. I’m now six months in at MCT, which provides a whole different set of challenges and opportunities, and I’m loving it. I’m working in an exciting, new industry that is set to take off, we have a world-leading tidal technology with our SeaGen tidal turbine and we are taking forward a pipeline of tidal projects in UK and Canadian waters.”

For a PDF of this Press Release, click here.

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