SeaGen exceeds 3GWh of tidal power generation

26th January 2012

MCT’s SeaGen exceeds 3GWh of tidal power generation
Bristol: SeaGen, the world’s first commercial tidal energy turbine designed and deployed by Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT) has exceeded 3GWh of electricity generation in Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough. It has reached a milestone that no other tidal current or wave energy system in the world has yet come close to achieving.

Today’s announcement coincides with a recent visit to SeaGen by Ted Scheidegger, the new Chief Executive of Siemens’ Solar and Hydro Division. In November last year (2011) Siemens became the principal shareholder in MCT. Mr Scheidegger was joined on the visit to Strangford Lough by Dr Andrew Tyler, MCT’s Chief Executive.

Ted Scheidegger said: “I am impressed with SeaGen and the pioneering efforts by the team at MCT to deploy the SeaGen technology. At Siemens, we understand the engineering challenges and the need to improve a turbine’s maintainability and reliability. These factors are critical for SeaGen’s commercial roll-out and Siemens will assist MCT in its endeavours to lead the commercialisation of emerging solutions for tidal energy.”

Dr Andrew Tyler said: “Passing the 3GWh milestone is a great achievement. In this pioneering field, it is a huge testament to all those involved in the design and development of this world-leading technology.

“Most importantly, we are showing that tidal generation systems can provide reliable, predictable and low carbon energy, and can be a valid part of the energy mix, both here in the UK and overseas. With the hands-on experience from Strangford Lough, we are increasingly confident that there will be strong interest from the utilities and other potential investors in our tidal farm projects in north Wales and west Scotland.”

Since its deployment in 2008, the 1.2MW SeaGen device has generated power into the local grid on behalf of its customer ESB Independent Energy but MCT has also used it as a test facility for its next generation of tidal component technologies. MCT has tested and replaced various parts of the turbine, which is vital work to improve the efficiency and performance of the SeaGen devices that are expected to be deployed by MCT and its prospective project partners over the next 2-5 years.

For a PDF of this press release, click here.

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