St George’s Academy wins first ‘Powering Future Generations’ competition

25th March 2015

sealford repY8 pupils from Sleaford’s St George’s Academy recently won the first ‘Powering Future Generations’ competition organised by the Sleaford REP Community Liaison Panel.

The competition is aimed at secondary schools within the North Kesteven District Council region and the first competition was between St George’s Academy, Carre’s Grammar School, and Kesteven and Sleaford High School. Each school nominated six Year 8 pupils for a workshop day last December which involved a tour of the plant, a presentation on sustainable energy, a quiz, and producing a poster to promote sustainable energy and Sleaford REP. Pupils then had three months to produce a presentation about what they had learnt which could include a model of the plant, a video or powerpoint, or in fact any way they saw fit that would demonstrate to others the workings of Sleaford REP and about sustainable energy generation. Each school then had to present to the panel.

The winning presentation involved producing an innovative video, a traditional display board, and a scale model of the Plant to demonstrate using different display forms what they had learnt.

Mike Harrison, Sleaford REP Communications Manager, speaking on behalf of the Sleaford REP Community Liaison Panel, said:

‘The initial challenge for the Panel and the Plant was to design an educational programme that would leave a legacy within schools in the NKDC region. We took advice from the schools as to how best to deliver such a programme and the eventual programme and subsequent competition has produced some superb results.

We were extremely impressed how hard they all worked and awestruck as to the detail each group of pupils went into. One school even presented a video accompanied by a new song entitled Co2 to the tune of Disney’s Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ song.

It was extremely hard to judge the best presentation because each had approached it in different ways. However, we congratulate the pupils from St George’s and hope they enjoy their day out to Alton Towers.’

Laura March, Teacher of Geography at St George’s Academy:

“Visiting the Sleaford REP was a real eye-opener for both staff and students. We study the REP as part of the “Energy” topic, so to see it in action was fascinating. It has helped students to gain a better understanding of renewable energy in terms benefits to the environment, alongside developing an appreciation of how a project such as this can benefit the local community.

The students have since enjoyed working on the project to consolidate all that they have learned. The work that they have done is so good that it is to be used as a resource for future year groups, as well as being on display at a showcase event for parents later in the year.”

Each school was awarded £150 towards a school resource for the efforts of their pupils and each of the six pupils at the winning school (St George’s Academy) received two tickets each to Alton Towers.

Pictured are members of the Sleaford REP Community Liaison Panel and winning pupils from St George’s Academy.

St Georges - Liaison Panel


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Notes to Editors

The competition is being funded through the £20,000 Sustainability Fund element of the Well-Being agreement between NKDC and Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant. The aim of the Funding element is to provide an education programme for secondary school pupils about Sleaford REP and the sustainability of energy generation. It has been administered by Eco2, NKDC’s Sustainability Team, and NKDC’s Communities Initiative Team.

The second and final competition is between North Kesteven School and Sir William Robertson Academy secondary schools. They have held their workshop day and are due to present in late May/early June.

Out of the £20,000 a scale model was commissioned, prizes bought, each school reimbursed for the accompanying teachers attendance times, each school given £100 to help towards the presentation, as well as a contribution to the cost of NKDC staff time on the project.

Once the second competition is completed the remaining funds will be used to produce an educational resource pack on sustainable energy using Sleaford REP as a case study for both primary and secondary schools.

Sleaford REP Community Liaison Panel

The Community Liaison Panel is a partnership between North Kesteven District Council, Sleaford Town Council, Kirkby-la-Thorpe Parish Council, and Sleaford REP. Its role is to oversee the delivery and distribution of £285,000 of Community Funding that is being provided by the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant.  The various funding streams are intended to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of the area.

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