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16th September 2014

logos-TK-news-oink-v1Launch of new energy provider ‐ for customers who just want dead simple energy

Today a new independent energy provider called “Oink Energy” is starting its search for new customers. Oink Energy is sniffing out customers who want an energy company more in tune with them and who understand what people want.

Oink Energy believes it’s time to simplify how customers buy energy and talk to their energy providers and so is offering customers a more fruitful v painful alternative to the mainstream energy suppliers: a straight‐forward solution for straight‐talking people.

If customers muck in and switch to Oink Energy, they will receive a truly personal service, a competitive price for their electricity and gas, bills that are straightforward and easy to find as online billing is standard, and just one simple dual‐fuel tariff. Oink Energy calls this “dead simple energy”.

And, let’s not forget with winter on its way, the Oink Energy team will provide
lots of tools and energy saving tips to help customers reduce their bills.

Oink Energy is launching its very own customer PiggyFesto:

  • When speaking to Oink you will speak to a named person within 30 seconds of calling (and an email reply on the same working day). The Oink team will call a piglet a piglet – Oink folk are a truly straight talking bunch. They will tell you like it is, always.
  • Oink Energy likes to treat their customers like family, so customers won’t get penned into a long and laborious contract: people can settle their account and change supplier at any time. No tie‐ins, no hidden penalties and no exit fees.
  • A straight‐forward online process to safely and easily switch energy supplier.
  • The average household will pay £1,178 per year on Oink’s single dual‐fuel tariff.

The Oink Energy team aims to bring a refreshing contrast to the big energy companies who still have the bulk of the market at around 90% or so.
The Oink Energy brand sets itself apart from the rest of the energy sector. Energy is a serious issue for people today but the creation of the Oink Energy brand, and its evolution through the Oink Energy family of four – Peter, Peggy, Sparky and Titch ‐ has been designed to bring people closer to their energy supplier.

Oink Energy is not about dumbing down, but rather engaging with people in interesting, and humorous ways to communicate some very important messages. Customers can enjoy positive experience with their provider by joining Oink Energy but also better manage their energy use in the home and thereby reduce their energy bills.

At this stage, Oink Energy is a small‐fry piglet in the UK energy market, but the team are sure that customers will be drawn to Oink Energy, as it’s a refreshing and colourful alternative to the same‐as‐same‐as blandness that is today’s energy market.

Oink Energy will deliver the serious service of providing electricity and gas to its customers with a smile! Why not? When a customer calls Oink, they won’t get any grunting or snorting, but will be greeted by some nice Oink folk who genuinely want to help customers get more from their energy supplier.

Oink Energy aims to make the energy market more competitive by providing customers with another choice. There is room in the market to do so.

Notes to Editors:

About Oink Energy www.oinkenergy.co.uk

For further information on Oink Energy watch the following video https://www.youtube.com/user/oinkenergy or follow Oink on Twitter @OinkEnergy High‐res images of the Oink family members are also available on request.

Why Oink Energy?
Pigs are highly underrated and undervalued creatures that are generally deemed stupid when they are, in fact, highly intelligent. They make a fitting metaphor for the misunderstood underdog which ties in with the general confusion over energy, pricing structures and customer demands for better quality service and pricing from their energy companies. The Oinks are turning the table on the energy market – they are a switched‐on bunch of piggies; they are the wise, the savvy, the educated and the informed bringing an overall better energy company that is customer focused.

The creation of Oink Energy has been guided by research undertaken earlier this year by ComRes, the market research firm. ComRes surveyed more than 2000 people across the UK. The key findings were:

™Competitive pricing ranked highly on the consumer wish list (94%) but customer service is just as important (92%).

™72% of consumers are looking for energy companies that display an ethical attitude.

™Over half of consumers surveyed said that they wanted a non‐corporate brand and a third think it’s important that their supplier is independent of the Big Six.

™The Big Six are too focused on profits (82%), and are not transparent enough about their action or finances (55%).

Meet the Oink Family ‐ A switched‐on bunch of clever piggies who know all too well how important it is to use the right kind of energy in the right way.

Peter – The Dad – Pete is a manager for a regional logistics company. He’s a good boss, and he loves what he does. At home he knows who’s really the boss though: his wife Peggy. He dotes on her and the kids and loves nothing more than a good “dad” joke or pig pun. He thinks Will Smith is the pig’s trotters and considers his own catchphrase “Let’s get piggy with it” to be the height of wit.

– The Mum – Peggy is a pediatric nurse in a busy hospital. She’s super switched‐on, down‐to‐earth and caring. At home, she lovingly puts up with Pete’s jokes and encourages her children’s creativity (unless it involves Sparky using Titch as a guinea pig in one of his “experiments”). Whether deciding where to holiday or which school uniforms to buy, Peggy always knows what’s best for her family.

Titch – the daughter – Titch is nine years old and loves to draw. Like her hero, Yoda, she often comes out with unexpected meditations on life. Her calming voice belies her years, but she still gets rather excitable and squealy about things like loom bands and Harry Trotter.

And finally last but not least – Sparky – the son – Sparky is 12, and the smart alec of the family. He loves computers, football (he supports Trottenham), listening to music (the Arctic Piggies especially), and having the last word.

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