Reputation Management

Taylor Keogh believes that reputation management is the overarching term for the work that we do.

It is a multidisciplinary task that engages on several levels and listens to people that matter both inside and outside a company or organisation.

We are experienced in working with clients to ensure they have the appropriate communications in place to coordinate all their key messages and they have the ability to act quickly.

Strategic Communications Planning

We believe that communications programmes are functions that run to support the organisation's overall business objectives.

In wide terms communications planning can cover all the major disciplines from corporate communications, analyst relations, communications with media and trade journals, internal relations and change management, brand and product communications to public affairs and government relations.

We have the capability and have successfully delivered communications programmes with all or a mixture of the above disciplines.

Westminster & Whitehall

We offer our clients a series of public affairs services: party and policy analysis, parliamentary monitoring, central & local government briefings and contact programmes and issues monitoring and analysis.

In regulated industries it is imperative that companies understand the changes to laws and regulations and how these changes will affect their objectives in advance.

By monitoring and understanding how policy is conceived, developed, delivered and the motivations and stakeholders that are driving change is the only way that organisations can hope to influence future laws and regulations. The key to success is to be in early and to understand the changes.

We are registered with the CIPR’s UK Lobbying Register and so abide by its Code of Conduct.

Community Relations & Local PR

Being able to establish effective, two-way dialogue and being sensitive to the views of local communities is crucial for a project’s success, especially through the planning process: the Development Consent Order process for large infrastructure projects or via the Town & Country Planning Act.

We have worked across the UK on various projects, managing community involvement and public consultation programmes, engaging with local politicians and interest groups as well as local media.

Media Relations

The proliferation of traditional media outlets and social media means that organisations are under greater and faster scrutiny. Managing and maintaining positive relationships with journalists and bloggers is more than ever an intricate part of maintaining a positive reputation.

Taylor Keogh has experience in working with national and international journalists from the various sections of the media including; national newspapers, trade publications, TV and radio, documentary makers and online news portals. We are experienced in writing press articles, briefing journalists as and when needed, providing a 24/7 press office function to our clients, and using the social media to promote our clients work.

Crisis Communications

Any failure, mistake or mishap whether it be due to poor planning, inadequate processes, people failure or systems failure rapidly manifest themselves as reputational risks which may far outweigh the costs.

Taylor Keogh is experienced in the multifaceted media environment that we operate in today. We understand the importance of collecting and analysing information that presents a reputational threat to companies and organisations. We believe in being prepared and identifying any potential problems to our clients’ reputation.

We believe that by putting in place an early warning system which identifies problems and having an integrated plan that involves all leaders in our clients companies and organisations are the keys to successful crisis management.

Planning & Public Consultation

Taylor Keogh understands the importance of consultation and dialogue at a local level. We work with clients who are developing large and small energy projects where local consultation is part of the critical path.

Coupled with an understanding of the legal procedures for planning consents, in particular those laid down by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) we believe that sharing information and listening to local stakeholders is the key to success, irrespective of the guidelines laid down by PINS and local authorities.

Working closely with lawyers and planning consultants, our work includes local opinion surveys, local media relations, the drafting of documentation such as the Statement of Community Consultation, design and print of literature, exhibitions and online communications. We work with clients at every stage of a project: pre-planning, into construction and onto commercial operation.

Marcomms Toolkit

Working with its associate network, we can provide clients with the tools to deliver a multi-channel communications programme: regional PR and public affairs, film production, website design, digital marketing and SEO, brand identity, advertising, internal communications/change management and financial market communications.

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